Hunter Pace Articles 2020 -2021 Season
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Tryon Hounds - 04/18/21 April 18, 2021

GCH Spring - 03/21/21 March 21, 2021

Cannon Eq - 02/28/21 February 28, 2021

Windridge Winter - 01/24/21 January 24, 2021

Goodwin Hounds - 11/22/20 November 22, 2020

FENCE Fall - 11/08/20 November 08, 2020

GCH Halloween - 10/25/20 October 25, 2020

Tryon Hounds - 10/18/20 October 18, 2020

Windridge Fall - 09/27/20 September 27, 2020

Scotsgrove Fall - 09/19/20 September 19, 2020

Current Season Article

Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Series


Final 2019-2020 Series Standings​

Reported by: Jan Smith



Although 16 events were originally scheduled, weather and the pandemic took their toll so that there were only eight competitions in the 2019-20 Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Series. But the riders who attended enjoyed the Year End trail ride and awards as things felt almost normal as they rode and spread out under the trees for the presentations.

The final standings as follows:


Total # Riders:        302


Field Hunters:         130 


  • Grand Champions – Patt Tarr with 50 Series points
  • Reserve Champion – Sdtacy Calvert with 45 points
  • 1st Place – Nora Claire Croft with a count of 41 Series points
  • 2nd Place – Debbie Croft with 36 points
  • 3rd Place – Shannon Jackson with 31 points earned
  • 4th Place – Carrie & Olive Wilsey with 28 points
  • 5th Place – Rebecca Tolson with an accumulation of 22 Series points
  • 6th Place – Jane Barrett and John Chatterton with 20 points earned.
  • 7th Place – Beth Fiszer, Amanda Jones, and Linda Plummer with 19 points
  • 8th Place – Natalie Aiello, Stephanie Easler, Gabrielle Grubic, Diane Hicks and Anna LaVigne with 17 Series points
  • 9th Place – Karolin Eichler with 15 points
  • 10th Place – Melissa Champion and Lisa Clements have 14 points
  • Lucy Hooper has earned 13 Series points.
  • Marcia Headrick and Richard Neel have each accumulated 12 points.
  • Nicola Deines, Crystal Montoya, Asher & Sarah Quinn have earned ten points apiece.
  • Carol Land, Amanda Miller and Caleigh Reichardt each have nine Series points.
  • Leah Edwards, Mary Grace Garbarino and Catherine Gillet have an accumulation of seven points each.
  • Tim Giles, Elyssa LaRock, Richard Putnam, Deb Schmitz and Kalyn Walker have each earned six points.
  • Gina Horne, Megan Kinsela James, Lizzie Lengling, Elise Magner, Claire Rumble, Donna Schwind, Rachael Small, Jacqueline Wasniewski and Melissa Willis each have five points earned.
  • Pam Burrows, D.J.Jefferis, Emily Mitchell, Catherine Mooneyham, Ava Margot Palmeri, Elise Rogers, Lexi Shore, Caly, Casey & Emma Shouldis, and Faith Wanicka have an accumulation of four Series points apiece.
  • Alexia & Mary Coker, Sara Jackson, Jon & Towles Napper, and Jennifer Pagano have three points each.
  • Two Completion points were earned by: Morgan Baudean, Kathy Bethka, Kristin Brown, Jessi Culbertson, Stephanie Culbertson, Grace Dancousse, Shawn Dodge, Melanie Enos, Shalise Gallaher, Haley & Jamie Garis, Christina Goen, Molly Goldberg, Kay Griffin, Auburn & Clara Hale, Dawn Johnson, Mikaela Kasalek, Maddy Kesser, Emma Kontir, Elizabeth Larsen, Allison Lockridge, Jessica Milligan, Claire Moore, Alex Mottershead, Martina Nyland, Amanda Paris, David Raley, Crosby Reed, Maddie Rogers, Krista Rose, Susan Russell, Julia Schmidt, Seamus Sheehan, Emma Skelton, Vickie Smith, Megan Stumbo, Gail Thompson, Jill Timmons, Devon Tracy, Rachel Turner, Julie Walker, Stephanie Wanicka, Faith Wanicka (2nd ride), Connie Washburn, and Jillian Woolridge
  • Jack Boardman, Carrie Britt, Emma Burnette, Anita Crouse, Anna Dalton, Kate Dilworth, Leslie Fox, Janice Hargett, Jennifer Hargett, Danielle Lamb, Riley McDaniel, Elli Palenbaum, Jessica Portia, Blair Powers, Kelly Rappuchi, Tyler Runion, Laurie Smith, Brandon Sprouse, and Fontana Westall have each earned one Series attendance point.

Trail Riders:       172


  • Champion – Carol Callahan and Jennifer & Olivia Wilson with 52 Series points earned.
  • Reserve Champion – Missy Bright with 42 points.
  • 1st Place - Ronnie Mann with a count of 38 points.
  • 2nd Place – Susan Angermeier with 35 points.
  • 3rd Place – Mary Macy with 34 Series points.
  • 4th Place – Tracie Parker with 33 points.
  • 5th Place – Kelly Cannon and Emily Wojcik with 27 points.
  • 6th Place – Arlene Lulavage with 24 points.
  • 7th Place – Tamara Bruning with 22 Series points apiece.
  • 8th Place – Lynn Fitch and Debbie Knebel with 18 Series points.
  • 9th Place – Karen Merrill, Boots Plyler, and Teresa Snyder with 12 points each.
  • 10th Place – Cindy Dotson, Nancy Erny, Carolyne Groves, and Megan Jornigan with 11 Series points apiece.
  • Brandy Johnston, Meaghan Morris and Suzanne Stettler have each earned ten points.
  • Karen Brockway, Janet Burzlaff, Megan Kinsela James, Lizzie Lengling, Bette Mann, Nancy Mason, Leslie Shealy, and Rachael Small have each earned nine points.
  • Laura Hendley, Elizabeth Lister, Ruth Putnam and Madison Shamis have earned eight Series points apiece.
  • Nancy Anderson and Kay Mott have earned seven Series points apiece.
  • Libby Arnold, Benay Daniel, Linda & Wayne Farris, Amy Jo & Ashley Gulnn, Deb Schmitz, Yasmin Stratiff, Maegan Watson, and Sara Young have six points each.
  • Dayna Gaskin, Marianne & Mark Moore, Leslie Scott, Jennifer Smith, Madison Stout, Jennifer Thomas, Laura Vanderwolk, and Dan & Kay Wellbaum have five Series points.
  • Laura & Lindsey Bailey, Katelyn Cabaniss, Norah Daniel, Elizabeth Dicey, Christian Greene, Kailey Holden, Lisa Kotallik, Megan Lapkoff, Janet Leatherwood, Tiffany Orr, Mary Jane Rice, and Sherry Wyatt have earned four points apiece.
  • Amy Hooker, Connie Moore, and Staphanie Wanicka each have a count of three Series points.
  • Two Series points each have been earned by: Kristin Ahlum, Aria Baddorf, Jodi Bader, Kalley & Quintin Beck, Kathy Bethka, Marie Biggerstaff, Annie Brenyo, Emma Bridges, Carrie Britt, Bob Bruning, Kathy Bucks, Michaela Burkhardt, Pam Burrows, Rachel Butteworth-Tice, Tori CArland, Annemilke Childers, Katelynn Cooper, Stephanie Culbertson, Mary Cullen, Kristen Davidson, Jill Davis, Linda Dickson, Kat Dooley, Stephanie Easler, Thomas Eizembor, Kimberly Ewing, Carla Fullam, Sara Gibbens, John & Shari Glotz, Cindy Hansuit, Dawn Harrison, Kelly Hart, Liz & Matt Heiden, Katherine Heugel, Susan Justus Hill, Emily Holden, Ashley Horner, Sandra Hunter, Mark & Rebecca Husted, Natalie Hyatt, Kylee Keller, Linda Lambert, Annabelle & Catherine Larsen, Sharon Maxwell, Kristen McAlister, Carole Milne, Amy Mims, Paula Moore, Kathleen Nebel, Kendra Payne, Gwen Phillips, Jessica Portia, Halleigh Pruitt, Ann Ramsey, Erica Revelle, Sylvia Riddle, Glyn Sandzen, MacKenzie Shamis, Janet Sheldon, Laurie Smith, Annette Spencer, Olynda Stretcher, Mandy Su, Greg Tice, Melissa VanDoren, Stacie Wadsworth, Sheila West, Emily Wilson, and Jess Wright.
  • One point apiece has been earned by Alexandra Adams, Ophelia Borders, Avery Carpenter, Benay Daniel (2nd ride), Desiree Godn, Lucy Hooper, Ann & Tony Hubbuch, Tracey Hudson, Susan Knickerbocker, Kaitlyn Kubiak, Teeka Leone, Reed & Roanne McNutt, Rachel O’Brien, Kaleigh Porter, Fran Rizzon, Hope Springhart, Carol Stanley, Lenore & Leslie Threlkeld, Faith Wanicka, Lois Whisnant, and Maxine Winesett.


         The Series is on summer break now, but we’ll be setting up the new schedule and expect to start back up at the very end of August.  So keep safe and cool over the summer, but be sure to check the schedule and come play with us next fall!!

Remember to always check the website for all upcoming events, news, articles, photos, placements and contact information.

         Thanks go to our photographer, Lou Smith, for being at every competition to capture the riders and their mounts as they fly over jumps, canter through the fields, and enjoy the beautiful area trails.  Hit “Store” on the website to view the pictures.  If you like, you can place an order online.